Reconstruction of sounds formed by aggregates : BUG

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Published on2019/09/28
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This work is a work that reconstructs the existence of sound formed by aggregates in VR space using a cubist approach. Just as insects gather in light, mankind also gathers in places with light. Modern architecture and advertising have used their properties to emit excessive light sources. Excessive light stimulates people and threatens reason. Focusing on the sound emitted in the environment, the sound formed in the collective was reconstructed by noise, and the threatened reason of modern society was expressed as auditory information. Also, this work has the intention of creating a new technique by constructing video / sound images that are different from existing movie art by using a new media approach called VR / STYLY. Also, there are few existing STYLY works that cut out reality. It is a new expression as a STYLY work that takes that point in reverse and all quotes the real space.


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