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Published on2021/10/31
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[HMD only] In this work, I expressed two behind. One is behind the screen, and the other is behind the story. I made this work to explore a new way of expression for VR animation. The feature of this work is the combination of movie that seen on a conventional screen and the space behind the movie that is not represented on the screen. The space behind the screen becomes an alternative screen unique to VR space, showing the story from a different direction. I also tried to express the front side of the story (white creatures) and the back side (human beings) equally by using a minimalistic black and white animation. This work depicts the unrestrained industrialization that is going on behind the white creatures living in the forest. However, these are not simply condemnations of human activities to destroy the environment. Just as there is a human activity behind the white creature, the human expressed in black also has behind. The aim of this work is to provide an opportunity to imagine what is behind things. ********************************************************** [web player]


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