Oh my UFO! Exclamation Alien

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Published on2019/09/23
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Welcome to my Exclamation Alien's UFO!!! First, you will cross the bridge, catch the mission puzzle and Exclamation Alien will say Hi to you. Be careful when you cross the bridge! Don't fall off the bridge! Do you know your mission is on earth? It's okay. We will see~ (1) You can see the first car showing us the videos of some wall murals that Exclamation Alien Orange did on earth. U.S., A.U., J.P., P.H., C.N., E.S.P. ... (2) Feeling the wind, follow the path, then you can feel full of powerful energy! Hey! Look down! There is something below you! (3) Some kids are playing in the second car!! OMG!!! These are some of the Exclamation Alien's true forms when she is on earth. Shh~ It's a secret! Don't tell any other people! Before you leave earth what things do you want to do? We can only stay on earth a few times, so please do some good things before you leave.


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