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Published on2021/10/30
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In this project, I will pursue the transformation of spatial perception and the nature of existence that can be seen through the interaction between the real space that I see around me and the real space that I drop into the AR space. With Corona, our daily lives have become more adaptable to digital media, and the virtual quality has gradually become more realistic, blurring the boundary with the real world. In a situation where the issue of the subject and the accompanying body, as in the "flesh of the world" proposed by Merleau-Ponty, continues to be gradually updated with the evolution of media, we have a body and are in the real world, but what is real in the first place? What makes us "real"? Now that the boundaries are becoming more and more vague, we continue to wander through the dream of a reality that is repeated and fuzzy, crossing reality and the digital through the active act of walking. By being aware of the discomfort I feel while wandering, the boundary between my internal consciousness and the outside world is transformed, and I try to expand and renew reality and boundaries.


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